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Management and Billing of cybercafes and internetcafes
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2 September 2010

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This software helps manage and bill clients at a cyber/Internet cafe.

MyCyberCafe is software for management and billing of cybercafes and internet cafes.You can control, activate, protect and keep track of usage time of your client terminals. You can use MyCyberCafe as an intelligent POS System also. Billing of scanners or a pool table in the premises can be managed with it. That makes this software tool suitable for a gaming center as well. The server component will be installed on the machine that the cafe or the gaming center operator uses. The server communicates with the clients installed in individual user machines. The software tool is able to remote control individual terminals, add time or money, end session or reboot terminals from the operator station. Administration is through a tabular display of all the information about the user accounts. Adding accounts, editing or deleting accounts are easily done.

Prepaid codes can be used to manage users and their balances who have paid in advance. The tool thus gives you facilities to create a new code list, edit, delete, export or print a existing prepaid-code list. In a POS configuration you can use it to start a new prepaid session, add money or sell a product or prepaid-codes. To be sure of how your business is doing, you can get an overview of stats related to cash sales, session transactions, and login reports. It is possible to filter and decide how much data you want to look at a time. Tariff adjustments, communication facilities for clients and security restrictions on users are other useful features. This is quite a comprehensive tool that would allow you complete control of your resources and manage the business easily.

Publisher's description

MyCyberCafe is a complete free software for management and billing of cybercafes and internetcafes.
You can control, activate, protect and settle your client-Terminals. You can add accessories, or use MyCyberCafe as intelligent POS-System. This allows for example the billing of scanners or pool tables.
My CyberCafe is a free program, and can be fully used
MyCybercafe billing software is the definitive tool for managing your Internet Cafe or gaming cafe / game center
Version 8.0
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